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Experience the best homebrew shop in southern Rhode Island at Craft Brews Supplies. A full scale shop servicing the beer and wine maker just starting out, all the way to the most advanced brewer venturing into large batch making.  If cider,mead or wine is your choice, we have a range of products that will suit your needs. Gift certificates are available in any denomination. 


Basic  Beginner Kits 

Just starting out? We have several beginner kits that have everything you need to get that first batch of beer going. Whether you're on a budget or if you are looking to make upgrades to your existing system we can fill your needs. 

Visit Brewer's Best to see all their products available to us

We carry a large selection of Brewer's Best ingredient kits and also offer House Recipes as a step up from there.  

Seasoned Staff

 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr


OH Shoot! Do you have a brewing disaster? Our staff has over 25 years combined experience and is willing to help you with all your brewing needs. Stop by, call or send us an email and rest assured you will be served to the best of our abilities.  Disaster averted. 

Kegging supplies

 As kegs become harder to obtain, we try and stay as competitive as possible.  We have parts available to service ball lock, pin lock or sanke style kegs.  Any keg part we don't have in stock we will special order at no extra charge. 



A special thanks to our customers for being understanding and there while we are dealing with some unforeseen issues.

We had a pipe burst in our stock room and most recently our sign fell down during high winds. 

We will be open for normal business so dust off your gear and get brewing. St. Patrick's Day is time for a Red ale or Irish Stout. Now is the time to get kegging!