We are a homebrew shop dealing with bringing the best equipment and ingredients to our customers. We are a full service shop offering everything from start up kits for beginners to kegging supplies for the expert.

We carry over 40 different varieties of hops from Ahtanum to Zythos and everything in between.  Many styles of White Labs liquid yeast fresh and in stock to choose from.  Over 30 types of grains from the leading maltsters, Weyermanns, Muntons, Crisp, Rahr, Briess.

For starters we carry Brewer's Best equipment and ingredient kits.  Basic, Deluxe and Brewer's Beast kits all available at very competitive prices. Basic kits have everything you need to get started brewing your beer on a budget. If you know this a hobby you will stick with, then the Deluxe kit would be the best fit. And for those customers that want the one stop shopping the Brewer's Beast kit is all you need. Over 30 different Brewer's Best ingredient kits in stock to choose from.

We have brew day demonstrations regularly and home brew competitions quarterly as well.  A monthly email newsletter keeps you up to date on all the goings on in the shop each month.